For too long has the north been neglected. No more shall those damn Londoners hoard all the knowledge!

The Commerce Exchange exists to educate, inform, share, celebrate and nurture the north's rapidly growing digital commerce scene. We have some hugely successful online businesses up here with nowhere to get together and share our experiences and meet one and other. That changes right now. Come together, learn, share your success stories, warn others of your mistakes, hear from the north's leading experts and come face to face with solution partners that can help you along the way.

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We invite talks on all elements of running an ecommerce business, examples include...


We talk about operations and logistics.

  • Warehousing tips and tricks
  • Warehousing & order management software
  • Delivery suppliers and tips

Growing revenue

We talk about growing revenue.

  • Selling internationally
  • Marketing success stories
  • Understanding analytics
  • Merchandising
  • Marketplaces


We also cover new and emerging trends.

  • Ecommerce and marketing software
  • Mobile
  • Omnichannel ecommerce
  • Whatever is interesting
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